How the i-vent® System Works

A Dry Home Is a Healthier Home

Air quality is kept at a high level because it is replaced two to four times per hour, protecting your family from unhealthy bugs and allergens. Good ventilation helps circulate fresh, healthy air through the home and is vital in areas such as your roof space, underfloor and “wet” rooms such as the bathroom, kitchen and laundry.

Benefits of Home Ventilation

How the Harrisons i-vent® System keeps a healthy air flow through your house.

Positive Air Pressure

Fresh air is filtered and pumped through ducts into your rooms. By creating positive air pressure inside your home, i-vent® forces out the stale, moisture-laden air that harbours toxic allergens and nurtures mould. The i-vent® fan can move up to 1000m³ of air per minute.

Quiet Performance

Aerodynamic cowling ensures the i-vent® system works ultra-quietly in the background so you won’t be woken by noisy whirring above your head.

Unique Design

The unique i-vent® design places the hospital-grade micro filter before the fan so all air is filtered before it enters the system, for more efficient performance and lower maintenance costs.

Choose to Add On

A summer kit can bring fresh outside air into your home or choose a heat transfer kit that works alongside your existing heating system to provide an efficient source of extra heat around the home.

We've Got You Covered

When you invest in our quality i-vent® Intelligent Ventilation System, you can rest easy in the knowledge that you are covered by the best warranty in the business – that’s 7-year protection for product and installation.

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