How Solar can help businesses

Why Solar Power Is a No-brainer for Kiwi Businesses

Most businesses, farms and schools operating hours dovetail perfectly with the ability to harvest free, renewable energy from the sun. And what business wouldn’t enjoy the effect of reduced power bills to their bottom line? Trust us to design and project manage the most innovative, profitable energy solution to maximise your R.O.I.

  • Control your power costs with predictable, long-term energy rates.
  • Enjoy the simplicity of knowing your business is making savings from the moment you switch your system on.
  • Trust your system’s ongoing reliability with the full visibility offered by cloud-based monitoring, fault detection and automatic alerts.
  • Reap instant rewards in the knowledge you’re also making a smart, future-proof business investment.

  • Book a consultation for your business today.

    Farmlands Solar

    When Farmlands Invercargill wanted to go green and reduce costs they turned to Harrisons to get the job done.

    Even in the deep south there is plenty of sunlight to not only provide power for the store, but also give back to the grid.

    Solar for Farms

    Solar for farms just makes sense, especially for Agriculture or Dairy. Solar is a great way to lower your operating costs, as well as your carbon footprint. Better still, our special zero up front financing and rent to own payment options means no initial upfront capital outlay and locked in savings now and into the future

    Solar for Business

    We design turnkey solar and storage solutions that are both financially and environmentally smart. We are your trusted partner that will work with you from start-to-finish to delivery the perfectly designed system that will maximise your return on investment (R.O.I).

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    Solar for Schools

    We love helping schools, to not only make serious power savings but also educating our next generation of the importance that solar plays in creating a cleaner, more sustainable energy future. With our special 'Schools Easy Pay' package, in many cases your system will be cash flow positive from day one, so no increase in opertaing expenditure is required to start saving now and for years to come.

    Real Stories

    Hurunui College, Canterbury

    Hurunui College were converting from old coal boilers to heat pumps – so needed a solution for power. Solar seemed a good fit for them as the main power used is during the day. Power costs are now a huge cost to the school, so long term savings and the renewable energy of Solar where a great fit.

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    Real Stories

    Katikati Bowling Club, Katikati, BOP

    The club is one of the most recognised bowling clubs around the BOP. They own their own land and building and each year they look at what they can spend their money on. This year they looked at solar energy as the club is open during the day and not at night. It made sense to reduce the power bill and invest in solar energy

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    Real Stories

    Francine Shields, SPCA Whangarei

    ‘Anything I can do to reduce the money spent on running the centre such as utilities, I will do it’

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    Real Stories

    Gladstone Primary School, Mt Albert

    "Very proud to be another step forward in our sustainability journey" and to be "educating our children and creating a huge awareness of what can be done with Solar Power"

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