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Smart Power Savers

How to Make Your Home a Smarter Home

You can supersize the savings from your solar system by using power management systems throughout your home. Of course, battery storage is the smartest way to ensure you maximise the potential of energy generated from the sun, but even without a battery, there are smart devices that will revolutionise how you power up your home.

The Honeywell Hot Water Timer

The Honeywell Hot Water Timer lets you set your hot water cylinder to heat during daylight when your solar system is creating electricity, reducing the draw on the grid and saving you money in electricity bills – especially for those big-ticket items such as swimming pools and spa pool. Special options let you boost your requirements when you have extra people staying and a holiday setting to avoid heating the water while you are not home to use it. Want to know more?

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Harrisons Solar Power Diverter

Increase your solar self-consumption by up to 70%+*

  • Significantly improves your power bill savings
  • Extremely cost-effective and easy to install
  • Optimises the efficiency of solar by automatically diverting the FREE surplus power to your Hot Water Cylinder or other resistive devices
  • Makes solar smarter and maximises you solar R.O.I
  • Minimizes low tariff export power and utilises it
  • Reduces night time HW heating when not required
  • Also ideal for low day-time power users
  • Reduces energy costs by reducing imported power
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