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Harrisons Solar Price Promise

Our buying strength allows us to offer more competitive prices, premium products and brand with up to a 25 year warranty.

If you have received a lower price for the same quality system, we will gladly match it - and give you Flybuys.

Solar Easy Pay Plan

Zero upfront and 5 years to pay* It doesn’t get much easier than that! We want to help Kiwi’s use the sun to cut their power bills, so we’re making solar even more affordable with our new finance plan. Imagine premium brand solar - fully installed from just $29 per week! And you’ll be using the sun to pay off your solar system.

So, how much will it cost if I buy the system up-front?

Solar has never been more affordable. The chart gives you an indication of what a solar system is likely to cost, based on your lifestyle. But remember, each house is unique so for an accurate price, fully installed, book a no-obligation solar assessment in your own home.

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TIP Invest a little extra up-front for a reputable branded system that you can expand in size later and that will also easily integrate with leading battery brands – not all will. The small extra up-front cost will save you money in the long-run!

How much will I save?

How and when you use your power is different for every household. So the best way to see how much you can save is to get a FREE energy assessment in your own home. Our energy experts will measure your usage and show you how to maximise the savings from your system with simple load shifting and battery storage.

To get you started, here’s an idea of how much power different sized solar systems will generate.

How much of this power could you use?

System Size: Small 2kW Med 3.5kW Large 5kW
Year 1 generation $695- $750 $1200 - $1300 $1800+

Based on a power cost of 25c per kw.h. Remember, as power prices increase, so do your savings. And imagine how much you could save over the 25 year life of your system. Harrisons puts you in control – not your power company. So give us a call today.

These generation amounts are approximate only and can vary depending on your current per kWh cost, roof orientation and home location.

How Do I Choose the Right Size System?

Picking the right type of solar system for your household can dramatically reduce the impact of the electricity you use at home and maximise the return on your investment – that’s why we carry out a personalised in-home energy audit to outshine the results of any online solar calculator. We’ll find out how you use your power and then let you know which option best suits your household needs.

See how a Harrisons Solar Power Diverter can supersize your savings

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