Panels and Inverters

How to Choose the Right Panels and Inverters for Your Home

Your array of solar panels and the inverter that converts the sun’s energy into useful electricity for your home are the basic building blocks of a successful system. We partner with only premium brands such as LG and SolarEdge so you can trust your system to produce maximised savings over a reliable lifetime.

Not All Panels are the Same

Solar panels may look the same and carry similar warranties, but they are not all created equally.

LG Premium Panels

We trust LG Solar’s more than 50 years of experience as a global pioneer in electronics technology and more than 25 years of intense research and development for surpassing industry standards and we’re confident to put our name behind LG as the premium solar panel solution to meet the future head-on.

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Harrisons Energy Solutions are the key distributor and installation arm of LG panels in NZ

LG Panel Warranty - the best warranty

The LG panels will have a 25yr product warranty, which is 15 years longer than the industry standard of 10 years. With an improved 25 Year Stepped Performance Warranty - 86% warranted output after 25 years.

Panasonic Premium Panel

A Premium, High Efficiency Monocrystalline panel from a world leading global brand you know and trust. With over 40 years experience in solar, Panasonic have earned a reputation for superior quality and innovation. Rest easy with their NZ backed, 25 year performance warranty. Buyers tip: Not all solar panels are created equal. Even though many low-priced, lesser quality panels still come with good looking performance data and a 25 year warranty, that warranty in many cases is worthless. Buy a reputable brand that you know will be around to see out any warranty issues or claims.

All about Inverters

All about Inverters with Peter Wolfkamp and Harrisons Energy Solutions.


Harrisons are the only New Zealand company to sell all three types of inverter technology – string, micro and world leading SolarEdge DC optimizers – which means only Harrisons can find the right match for your household’s requirements, budget and to maximize your savings. And, of course, because our philosophy is to work towards your energy-efficient home of the future, all our inverters are compatible with battery storage.

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Handy Tip

Choose your inverter wisely, it’s the brains of the system. Investing a little more for the best possible, future-proofed inverter will pay dividends in the long run. The quality of the componentry and level of functionality with batteries can be vast.

SolarEdge Smart Home

Step inside the SolarEdge smart home, where we've answered the need for greater energy efficiency and convenience.

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