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Solar Made Simple with Harrisons

Despite the claims of many solar calculators to offer savings and solutions online, a PV solar system is as individual as any Kiwi household – and that’s why we insist on an in-home assessment so we can tailor your system to your needs and then stand by you every step of the way.

Going Solar

Steps to Consider When Going Solar with Peter Wolfkamp and Harrisons.

Step 1: Consultation

One of our friendly experts will carry out a free in-home energy audit. We’ll find out what you need and let you know how much you can save – and help you with any questions you might have. We’ll also find out the best configuration of panels for your roof. It’s easy, effortless and free.

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Step 2: Planning

After calculating your household and energy needs, our experts will design a personalised system purpose-built to lower your power bills.

Step 3: Installation

Depending on the size of your system and your type of roof, the installation can take anything from 4 or 8 hours – or a couple of days. An electrician and solar installer will fix and wire the panels to the roof, install the inverter, hook it up to your internet router or cellular network (if monitoring is required), establish any additional items required to control hot water or other appliances better and prepare the system to be switched on.

Step 4: Grid Connection

Your lines network installer will replace your meter with an import/export meter to gauge any credit you might be owed for feeding power back into the grid.

Step 5: Away You Go!

The project manager will test the system, explain any useful tips about operation and monitoring and then leave you to enjoy years of free energy straight from the sun!

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