Our local Auckland Solar Expert

Carl Williams

Carl is one of the franchise owners/operators for Harrisons in Auckland

Based between Auckland’s thriving and rapidly developing North Shore and the North West, Carl brings a fresh technical outlook to prospective customers. He can offer ideas, support and knowledge when customers are choosing the energy solutions on offer, when adapting their current home/new build or work place.

Carl offers expert analysis and free, no-obligation, in-home energy audits, to expert installation, warranties he stands by, FlyBuys and a range of payment options – and brings quality brands and products to a wide range of customers with different requirements.

Carl brings over 20 years’ experience within the IT and engineering industry, at a government level and combines this with his passion for a more energy efficient home.

He supports the entire process of an install from the initial meeting to final sign off, he is dedicated to ensuring his customers’ needs are met and has constant communication throughout.

‘I treat every customer as though they are my friends, and customer service is my priority throughout the install process, I feel customer service and technical support is the foundation that supports my sales and repeat custom’

Carl is passionate about helping others and has done this by supporting the re build of communities and townships in remote locations worldwide. He now brings this knowledge with him to the Harrison’s team and wants every home/work place to make the most of the exceptional products that Energy Solutions has to offer.

‘I have worked in several ‘pressure cooker’ type situations to ensure power, satellite, water and other necessary resources are supplied to remote communities to enable them to keep up with the developing world and ensure they have their basic needs catered too’

‘Having children of my own gives me even more drive to support families into healthier and more sustainable homes’

Carl is looking forward to helping you to reduce your power bills by utilising the sun’s rays and to become more self-sufficient within a warmer, dryer and healthier home.

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