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Our local Otago, Southland Solar Expert

Andrew Rutledge and Blake Johnstone

Andrew and Blake are the Business Owners for Harrisons in Southland, Central Otago and Southern Lakes

We are part of a National team delivering cost effective energy solutions to kiwi families. Our free no obligation on site assessment means we can tailor the best solution for your home.

Our expertise covers Solar Energy and Ventilation Systems. The full service we offer includes expert installation and warranties we stand by.

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Here’s what the locals had to say...

Prentice and Claire


Quick to respond to our initial enquiry. Installed within the timeframe promised. Great at responding to all our questions along the way ..... even ones in the late evening! Very pleased with the service and product. Significant savings made on our power bills already



Going solar and battery was a long term decision for us, especially as the price of batteries is still up there and pushed payback out...although our consideration was more from a sustainability perspective. So living in Southland meant we needed, with winter in mind, good solar extraction and a battery was always a no brainer for utilisation of stored power outside of sun hours. Therefore it was important to us to have the best of breed in products (which we established from our own research) and people we could trust to delivery and support us for the duration. Harrisions had the best products available and from their contact centre to their local franchisees service was excellent plus researching the company confirmed that they're here for the long haul. Andrew and Blake (the franchisees) were brilliant and very easy to deal with; the kept us up to date, responded to queries and got the job down. Now our system is up and running we are thrilled, amazed at the sun collection on day's I think it there is nothing, the battery is just amazing and grid power use has dropped...and during autumn we went many a day with no grid power use at all. Additionally our own behaviour has changed because we tend to be more power conscious and conservative with use. Final all I have left is to wait out my existing power provider contract to expire so we can switch to one that has time based power (low cost and low peak) allowing us to top the battery up at low cost times during the winter (it's that clever) and pays a higher grid payment...for summer went feeding the grid.

Jenny and Neil


Your agents Andrew and Blake from Winton were really awesome, efficient and professional, I was amazed at how quickly the installation was completed. We structure our power usage around when the solar panels are producing power, we had the guys install a timer for the hot water so it only heats between 9.30 and 4.30pm when the panels are producing power, and our water is still very hot in the morning for showers. (No night boost has been necessary) Led bulbs throughout the house and a good thermos purchased to store hot water for drinks throughout the day and evening (electric jugs use a lot of power) We use all the power we need , but are mindful of wastage and the result is a $34.00 power account. (awesome) We have recommended your product to friends with 3 referrals and one installed so far. Our intention is to install a battery when funds allow, so we can be self sufficient and in charge of our utility account completely, I would just like the battery to be more affordable, maybe an incentive 5 successful installation referrals qualifies for a generous discount

Gil and Carol Dudley


We have found Andrew & Blake at Harrisons to be extremely efficient with quoting (giving us several option) and helpful with completing the paper work. They installed the solar panels and electrical work in a morning and had already organised for the meter to be changed over so this was done within a few days of the job completion also. We would certainly recommend them as they were not pushy and allowed us to make up our own mind. We are looking forward to our reduced power account and may one day go off the grid. Oct 17

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