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Why Does My Home Need Insulation?

Be Energy-Efficient

Harrisons Insulation is currently available in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga and Wellington city areas.

Harrisons sees the key components of a healthy home are ventilation, insulation and heating and are committed to ensuring all Kiwis have access to affordable, wholesome homes. We designed Enviro Blanket® because nearly 60% of Kiwi homes have inadequate ceiling and underfloor insulation meaning that heating systems struggle fill a damp and draughty space with expensive heat that quickly seeps away.

Insulation is Key to a Healthy Home

Insulation controls your home’s temperature, keeping you and your family warm in winter and cool in summer, minimising energy waste and saving money on heating bills.

Choose Your Insulation Product Wisely

Correct installation means you don’t leave gaps and your insulation is able to be 100% effective.

Did You Know?

Ceiling insulation should be at least 120mm thick to be effective – if it’s less, you should consider a top-up blanket.

Many Ways to Pay

As part of a national drive for healthier Kiwi homes, you may be able to put the cost of insulation on your rates or have it added to your mortgage.

Find out more about how to pay on your rates, read more here.

Harrisons Enviro Blanket®

Our Enviro lifetime warranty and 10-year installation guarantee means you can trust your home will be protected, comfy and warm well into the future. Terms and conditions apply.

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