How Enviro Blanket® Insulation Works

The First Simple Step to a Warm, Healthy Home

Just as the polyester used in duvets, pillows and sleeping bags provides warmth and comfort, Harrisons’ Enviro Blanket® insulation keeps your house snug. Heat is trapped under the ceiling insulation blanket and above the underfloor insulation blanket in the fabric air pockets and the hollow fibres.

How It Works

Enviro Blanket® ceiling insulation extends over the ceiling joists while flexible underfloor insulation is perfect for the variable joist spacing.

Keep the Heat In

Our Insulating Blanket creates fewer joins creating fewer places for heat to escape.

Reduced Installation Time

With the Enviro Blanket® there is no need for cutting or trimming – just staple in place for no mess and quick install.

Non-irritant and Non-toxic

The Enviro Blanket® is made from polyester from recycled plastic bottles so it is non-irritant and non-toxic, 100% safe for asthma sufferers and environmentally friendly.

Enviro Blanket® is Designed to Last

It’s fast, safe and easy to install and designed not to slump, settle or disintegrate over time.

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