Ceiling Insulation

Ceiling insulation is like a blanket for your whole house.

Just as the polyester used in duvets, pillows and sleeping bags provides warmth and comfort, Harrisons’ own Enviro Blanket® insulation keeps your house snug. Heat is trapped under the ceiling insulation blanket, in the fabric air pockets and inside the hollow fibres themselves. And because Enviro Blanket® is installed as a blanket that covers the ceiling joists, there is less chance for heat to escape.

Why blanket is best.

Enviro Blanket®ceiling insulation has fewer joins than segment insulation and extends over the ceiling joists. Without a blanket, heat can escape through the joists themselves. Plus it comes with the Enviro Lifetime Warranty and 10 Year Installation Guarantee (Terms and conditions apply)

What thickness is needed?

If your home already has roof insulation, it should be at least 120mm thick to be effective. If you have less than 120mm of insulation we can help with a top-up blanket.

If your house is multi-storey, you only need to insulate the main upper ceiling. It isn’t necessary to insulate the ceiling between floors. You may, however, want to insulate ceilings between floors if the ground floor is a separate flat.