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Improve home ventilation to drive out dampness

Home ventilation systems have taken off as New Zealanders have learned about the benefits. A comfortable, drier home is just the beginning. If your current home ventilation is limited to a few kitchen and bathroom ventilation fans – get ready for a whole new way of living!

Why ventilate?

An unventilated house is often cold and hard to heat, as well as unpleasantly damp. Mould grows freely and unseen allergens may linger in the air. In years gone by, people avoided some of the risks of an unhealthy atmosphere by putting up with their old-fashioned, draughty homes. No one needs to live like that anymore.

Even if you have installed modern insulation and a heat pump, you may still be missing out on the benefits of a healthy home. That’s why Harrisons recommends the i-vent home ventilation system.

i-vent – the intelligent home ventilation solution

The i-vent system is unobtrusive and highly effective at improving air quality inside your home. Its ventilation fans push out the moisture-laden air responsible for condensation, gently introducing fresh filtered air from your ceiling cavity.

The facts about i-vent home ventilation system

The health benefits

Improving your indoor air quality can help you tackle some of the biggest health issues that crop up in everyday life. Reducing moisture helps you get rid of toxic, unsightly mould and mildew, while the i-vent filter can help protect your family from pollen and home allergens.

The facts about healthy indoor air quality

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