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How Heat Pumps Work

Innovating for a Warm, Healthy Home

Heat pumps don’t use energy to create new heat or cool – they simply move available heat around your home. This means they are incredibly cost-effective as they need electrical power to run only the compressor.

Refined Filter Action

Air purifying and deodorising filters absorb dust, mould spores and pollen for a healthier home and family.

Quiet Operation

With a quiet fan speed setting, the noise level of the indoor unit can be as low as 21dB.

Smart Technology

Take control of your home’s heating with Fujitsu’s PebbleAir Wi-Fi connection which lets you adjust settings from your smartphone or tablet.

Outside Units

Outside units are compact and incredibly low-noise for minimal impact. Units are also specially coated with Cobalt Blue to protect against corrosion and extend performance.

Installation Promise

We’ll take care of installation so you can trust your heat pump to work as soon as you switch it on.

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