Why Choose Battery Storage?

Batteries Give You the Power

The thought of cost-effective battery storage is what keeps many power company executives awake at night. Battery storage is set to revolutionise the world’s power industry as it gives homeowners the power to use more – or all – of the electricity generated by their solar system.

Batteries 101 with Peter

LG's battery expert, Jamie Allen, talks to Peter Wolfkamp about how battieries work.

Always in Control

Batteries give you the power to use your energy in your home when and how you want, and maximise savings on your power bills.

Be Independent

The significant reduction in the cost of batteries now mean they are a viable choice for Kiwi homes – and an innovative way to cut your reliance on power companies.

Advanced Battery Technology

Because advanced battery technology puts huge stress on safety implications we work with only the world’s leading, most trustworthy brands.

By working with LG’s RESU batteries you can be among the first in the world to enjoy this leading-edge technology.

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