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Tesla Powerwall 2 - Intelligent energy

The world’s most sought after battery storage system, with extra-large storage capacity. The stunning Tesla Powerwall 2 draws on the same ultra-safe technology used in Tesla’s electric vehicles, giving you complete energy security with 24/7 electricity - even in a power outage.

Stylishly slim and seriously cool

At just 155mm deep, Tesla Powerwall 2 won’t take up valuable space. And its state-of-the-art cooling system means it is completely child and pet friendly with no exposed wires or hot vents.

Because Tesla Powerwall 2 is thermally controlled with liquid heating and cooling it’s perfect for NZ conditions from the far North to the deep South.

Control your energy from anywhere.

Tesla Powerwall 2 is controlled with the Tesla App. It’s the ultimate energy management tool that keeps you in control, wherever you may be.

Harrisons Ultimate Platinum Package

This large 5kW system, really is the ‘best of the best’. Premium brand solar panels, a quality inverter, a Tesla Powerwall 2 battery – as well as our ‘real time’ monitoring App so you can see how much power you’re generating – anytime, from anywhere.

No up-front payments and 5 years to pay

Customer Testimonial

Les and Christine Newman installed solar a year ago and earlier this year added a Tesla Powerwall 2 battery

“We decided to fit solar panels after speaking to friends who have had them in their house for a few years. We added a Tesla Powerwall 2 to take advantage of the surplus generation over demand so that we can power our home day and night. The bonus is we can now charge our Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV overnight from the solar power stored. This has worked out better than we expected and most spring, summer and autumn months we have small power bills of around $20. And in winter we have halved our previous power bills. Would we recommend solar panels and a battery? Yes, as the monthly savings we have made show a far better return than having the money in the bank and the interest you would earn from the bank is taxed whereas the savings from the solar panels is tax free. Another bonus is that we are protected from power cuts on the grid.”

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Tesla Powerwall 2 Brochure

Tesla Powerwall 2 Brochure

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