Panasonic Battery Technology

Say Hello To Your New Powerstation

The Panasonic Power Pillar has arrived! A complete, all-in-one premium storage system from a brand you know and trust. Best of all, this state-of -the-art technology comes at an affortable price.

All-In-One Solution

All-in-one premium residential storage system. Inbuilt UPS for back-up power, Panasonic 6.4kWh battery with a hybrid inverter pre-wired in a quality outdoor rated cabinet for smarter more efficient install. Easy management and complete control with Panasonic EMS cloud based, mobile reporting and performance App.

Power, day or night

The Panasonic Power Pillar allows you to take the control back. Generate the power and use it when you want it.

Power even in an outage

Peace of mind, security of power even when your neighbours don't.

Global Leader

The same Panasonic cells are used in the Tesla Powerwall 2. The two global leaders in battery innovation and safety.

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