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Why ventilation goes hand-in-hand with insulation

All too many Kiwis are familiar with the need to run heaters at full blast and wipe condensation off windows during winter. The first step to eliminating these issues is to install modern house insulation.

Once insulation is in place you’ll notice an immediate change in your family’s quality of life, with higher ambient temperatures and lower heating bills. But don’t stop there.

The job of creating a healthy home depends on ventilation as well as insulation. By installing ceiling and underfloor insulation you stop heat escaping through draughty cracks in the building’s envelope. That’s exactly what you want, but unfortunately it creates a fresh problem.

A healthy home needs to keep the air moving

A home that’s tightly sealed runs the risk of trapping stagnant air. Add the litres of water vapour generated by cooking and showering every day, and you run the risk of a damp and unhealthy living environment.

To cap it all, damp air is harder to heat. Your insulation may be trapping heat inside but you’ll find it more difficult to create a pleasantly warm and dry home. To complement your insulation, consider an extra investment to get the air moving again. Home ventilation systems consist of a fan unit in the ceiling that drives filtered air through special ducts and into your living spaces. The whole system is controlled by sensors and a control panel to ensure you enjoy a constant flow of fresh, filtered air.

The solution is home ventilation

This dry air is easier to heat so your house will feel warmer. Dripping windows will become a thing of the past. Your carpet, which can easily absorb litres of water from the atmosphere, will dry out within days. Curtains will stay cleaner for longer, and you can say goodbye to mildew on walls and in wardrobes.

Insulation and ventilation are complementary ways to create a healthy home. If you’re on a budget you can look at having your home insulated first, and then upgrade with a house ventilation system in a year or two. It’s the smart way to ensure you get the best of both worlds.

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