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What Happens in a Poorly Ventilated Home?

New Zealand has a terrible track record when it comes to properly insulating and ventilating our homes.

According to the Auckland City Council’s report on Homes and Places, “People who live in unhealthy homes have an increased risk of contracting a range of serious and avoidable illnesses such as meningitis, rheumatic fever and pneumonia. Unhealthy homes also heighten the risk of physical injury and can lead to depression and other forms of mental illness.”

The average home produces up to 30 litres of moisture every day, and damp homes are twice as expensive to heat as dry ones. Worse, the moisture helps feed mould spores and dust mite, which are the major contributors to asthma, along with the damp atmosphere.

While we’re starting to do better as a country, avoiding these kinds of serious, negative health outcomes, it should remain a priority for you and your family. What many people don’t know is that even with modern insulation and a heat pump, they may still be missing out on the benefits of a healthy home.

That’s why we recommend Harrisons i-Vent home ventilation system for your home.

Harrisons i-Vent is highly effective at improving overall air quality. Its ventilation fan pushes out the wet, moisture-laden air responsible for condensation, and gently introduces fresh, drier filtered air from your ceiling cavity.

With i-Vent, the air in your home is replaced on average one to two times per hour, helping to remove unhealthy bugs, viruses, and mould spores. Unwanted chemicals and odours produced by appliances, cleaning products, and other household pollutants will also be filtered out, leaving you with a healthy home environment.

Harrison’s German engineered i-Vent system uses ultra-fine, hospital grade micro filters, scientifically designed to trap and remove unwelcome and unwanted bugs and pollutants. The system is also quiet and unobtrusive, meaning the only difference you’ll notice is in the air quality around you.

Additional options include a Summer Kit to bring fresh outside air inside, to help you and your children enjoy a restful sleep on those hot and muggy nights, and a Heat Transfer Kit, to provide an effective heat source in autumn and winter, providing you have a wood burning heat source.

One of the best features of a Harrisons i-Vent system is its remarkable cost efficiency to run. Your heating costs may fall dramatically - the system is more cost efficient to run, similar to a 100 watt light bulb when it is on the highest fan setting. This super-efficient system is controlled through a brilliant, user-friendly and fully automated Honeywell control panel, designed for you to just set and forget.

Every system comes with our industry leading warranties, including our seven-year guarantee on workmanship, a seven-year product warranty, and our Harrisons Price Promise. We also provide access to interest-free finance, and Fly Buys points!

Installing a Harrisons i-Vent system will result in your home using properly ventilated and filtered air, creating a dramatically reduced incidence of asthma and other respiratory illnesses, and increasing your quality of life and enjoyment of your home environment.

Because a dry home, on average, can feel up to four degrees warmer than a damp one, installing an i-Vent system in your home means it could become warmer, more inviting and enjoyable to be in.

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