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Ventilation, Heating and Insulation: Your Checklist for a Healthy Home

By choosing smarter solutions like a heat pump or ventilation system you can ensure your home is comfortable, healthy and energy efficient.

But neither of them individually offers a magic bullet cure – homeowners still need to find the right combination of fresh air and warmth, as well as makingsure their building is properly insulated.

So here’s our checklist to help choose the right combination of products to cope with our Kiwi conditions:

  1. Insulation

Insulation is the bedrock of a healthy and comfortable home and it is vital in ceilings, walls and underfloor. Between 42% and 60% of heat escapes from the ceiling and roof in uninsulated homes depending on their age.

By naturally controlling a building’s temperature through plugging the gaps and draughts in poorly constructed or older homes and by installing good-quality insulation, you can keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer, minimise energy wastage and save money on your heating bills.

Double-glazing can help minimise heat loss though windows – as can thermal curtains or blinds. Double-glazing which has the area between the glass panes filled with argon gas perform around 15% more efficiently.

Well-fitted carpets can help add an extra layer on insulation.

If you’re planning a new home or are renovating, consider building thicker walls with cavities larger than the standard 90mm to allow for extra insulation.

Hot water cylinders and all hot water pipes should be insulated to avoid heat loss.

Designing your home to trap heat from the sun during the day and then keeping it in with good insulation helps save energy and money.

Because a well-insulated home also helps control moisture, proven health benefits include reduced incidence of asthma and a reduction inmould.

Professional installation ensures your insulation offers total protection.

Houses built before 1978, when insulation became compulsory in new builds, may require insulation to be retrofitted to comply with healthy home guidelines.

2. Ventilation

Good ventilation helps circulate fresh, healthy air through the home and is vital in areas such as your roof space, underfloorand “wet” rooms such as the bathroom, kitchen and laundry.

By creating a dry home with fresh air you can cut out condensation on windows, draughts, mould, stuffiness in the summer and that typical New Zealand humidity.

Although ventilation isn’t a substitute for heating, by circulating air throughout the house you’ll avoid having some cold and some stuffy rooms with a better overall ambient temperature.

A drier home will also help the longevity of furniture and appliances.

3. Heating

A warm building provides a comfortable and healthy environment but your choice of how you heat it will affect both your energy bills and the impact on your home.

Fire places, gas heaters and heat pumps all offer solutions but heat pumps have the added bonuses of:

  • Not adding moisture and creating condensation like unflued gas heaters.
  • Not burning oxygen because they are designed to move heat energy from one place to another.
  • Working fast and at the flick of a switch to heat specific areas of a home.
  • Offering all-year-round service by providing cool air in summer.
  • Having purifying and deodorising filters which remove allergy-causing dust, spores and pollen.

Your choice at Harrisons

Harrisons insulation, heat pumps and home ventilation systems:

  • Are energy efficient
  • Add value to your property
  • Make your home healthier and more comfortable
  • Reduce electricity costs as they cost less than alternative heating choices
  • Offer high-end technology
  • Are recognised by the government organisation, EECA Energywise, as ideal products for healthier, drier homes.

Harrisons i-vent system works by circulating drier air into your house from the roof cavity to replace the stale air. Add-ons include a summer kit (keeps the air cool on muggy summer nights) and a heat-transfer kit which sends warm air to all the rooms the i-vent is connected to. Plus an i-vent is extremely quiet and other than a small vent in the ceiling of each room, you wouldn’t even know that it was there.

Our range of Energy Star-awarded Fujitsu heat pumps is among the most efficient in the market and includes smart models that can be controlled from your smartphone or tablet, or that have durable outside units with low operating noise.

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