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Ventilation blows away the common causes of asthma

New Zealanders are an asthmatic bunch. With up to 20% of adults and children suffering the effects, we have some of the highest rates of childhood asthma rates in the world. The economic cost has been conservatively calculated at $800 million and hospitalisation rates have almost doubled in the last 30 years.

Unlike infectious diseases such as influenza, it’s a condition without a single universally recognised cause. Instead, researchers have found a number of home allergens that increase the likelihood of asthma. One common trigger is an allergic reaction to the droppings of the common house dust mite. This tiny troublemaker lives in bedding and carpets and feeds on the microscopic scales of skin we shed each day. A typical New Zealand home can be swarming with these critters but the only sign of their presence may be an asthma attack.

Asthma triggers are all around us

Other allergic triggers include pollen, which is common throughout New Zealand from August until March, and the microscopic spores of mould and mildew. With a huge percentage of New Zealanders living in homes that aren’t adequately ventilated, it’s no surprise our asthma rates are so high. All the asthma triggers we’ve described depend on moisture in the air. Dust mites obtain all their water from atmospheric moisture, and it’s well known that mould requires humid growing conditions. So the first step towards creating an asthma-free environment is to look at installing a home ventilation system.

Tackle the problem with home ventilation

As well as reducing dampness, a modern home ventilation system will improve indoor air quality by pushing out irritants. The system creates positive air pressure in the house, replacing the air volume in your living space many times per day. Instead of lingering inside, the substances that cause asthma are forced outside.

With a ducted home ventilation system your family also benefits from fresh, filtered air all year round. The ceiling fan unit forces all incoming air through a special filter, removing most of the pollen in the process. For families suffering hay fever, this is a very welcome bonus.

Asthma and home allergies are a serious problem – but now you can blow them away with a smart ventilation system installed in your ceiling.

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