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Using Solar and the Sun Instead of Kerosene in Hyderbad, India

Sophie Templeton has just completed her Engineering degree at Auckland University and has taken time out to spend four weeks volunteering in Hyderbad with 10 other young people working for an organisation called Pollinate Energy.

Update from Sophie:

Bangalore is the first city Pollinate that worked in. The Pollinators have a target of 40 solar lights per month which they generally meet. Here in Hyderabad they are just getting started. There are two Pollinators who have been working for a few months and they sell about 25 solar lights per month. I am helping to train 6 more which has been very rewarding!

Most Indian families in the slum areas use kerosene lamps or a simple candle for light – both are hazardous. The solar lights that the Pollinators sell panel are 3.3 watt and about 20cm by 20cm. The light is 15x brighter than kerosene and lasts between 6 and 36 hours on solar_panel_sun_light.jpgone days charge, depending on the brightness setting. It also has two usb slots for charging phones - this is actually one of the major selling points as believe it or not, almost everyone in the communities has a cell phone! The battery has a lifetime of 5 years and those who previously used kerosene should see savings after about 6-9 months so they are a really good investment.

It is amazing to see the positive effects of this simple solar technology.

Harrisons Energy Solutions are pleased to help sponsor Sophie in her volunteer work in India aimed at reducing ‘energy poverty’ with solar solutions.

Pollinate Energy is a social business based in Australia and India. Their mission is to improve the lives of India’s urban poor by providing them access to sustainable and affordable products that make their lives better. For more information about Pollinate see

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