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One size doesn’t fit all

You’ve decided to improve the air quality inside your house before winter rolls around again. You’ve had enough of wardrobes filled with mildewed clothes and children with avoidable ailments caused by mould and microbes. You’ve researched all the options with home ventilation systems, and now you’re ready to make the call.

Before you do, stop for a minute and think about something you may have overlooked.

The key to better indoor air quality isn’t just in the system you choose. It’s how it’s designed and installed.

Some companies peddling home ventilation systems rely on high-profile marketing backed by telemarketing and teams of hungry sales people scouring the suburbs. You may well receive excellent service from them but there’s an important component missing from their sales pitch.

It takes more than a salesman

That component is engineering. Specifying and creating the right house ventilation system should involve more a one-size-fits-all solution. In New Zealand we tend to live in unique homes, not cookie cutter dwellings, so each home ventilation system needs to be tailored to the space available.

Tailor-made is best

When a Harrisons consultant assesses your home that assessment is passed to the i-vent manufacturing team. Your home ventilation system is then custom-built for you. The result is a system that’s tailored for the layout and specific requirements of your rooms.

If you want to enjoy a healthier home this winter, make sure you ask about the way your ventilation system is designed and installed. An engineer’s expertise could ensure a much happier outcome.

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