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How To Extend Your LG Solar Panel’s Warranty

Do you have a Harrisons LG solar system installed at your home?

Was your system installed after the 20th of April 2015?

If you answered yes to both of these questions, you can get an extra two years added to your warranty bringing your Manufacturer’s warranty from 10 years, to a total of 12 years (parts and labour included!

All you have to do is register your LG panels on the official LG Energy NZ website.

Scroll down to this button on the website:

Then just fill out the form. A registration slip will be sent you upon completion of the form and registration process. This slip is all you need to claim your additional 2 years of warranty. However, this additional 2 years, only applies to registered panels! Non-registered panels will still only have a 10 year warranty.

However, if your panels were installed before 20th of April 2015, it is still a good idea to register your panels as this will make any enquiries you have about your panels and their warranty much easier.

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