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How to Cash in On Creating Healthy Homes with Harrisons

As more and more Kiwis are turning to Airbnb and short-term holiday rentals to make serious money on their property, it’s worth talking about how investing in the tools to create a warm and healthy home can seriously maximise the returns.

New Zealand is enjoying immense popularity as an international tourist destination – mainly during the summer months – but there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be equipped to attract just as many visitors (and the dollars they carry with them) during the colder months.

December last year saw a monthly all-time record of 494,000 tourists come to New Zealand to enjoy the peak summer season, but when you consider that the figures for last May, June, July, August and September all dipped below the 250,000 visitors per month mark, there’s clearly room for serious growth.

As well as regions where snow-capped mountains or rugged coastlines offer picturesque reasons to visit during the so-called off-season, New Zealand hosts plenty of large autumn and winter events – many of which attract the type of people who would seek out short-term holiday rentals provided they offered warm, insulated, well-ventilated places to stay. Just this year, the Masters Games during April and May is expected to see more than 12,000 overseas competitors and the British and Irish Lions tour promises more than 20,000 fans touring from Whangarei in the North Island down to Christchurch in the south.

Harrisons Energy Solutions is dedicated to create warm, dry, healthy homes because we believe that it is the right for all Kiwis to have access to affordable, wholesome places to live. But for those who also want to turn their homes into money-making ventures (and after Airbnb revealed in the first week of April that listings had now passed the 200,000 mark, it seems like a large proportion of us do), a dry, warm and healthy home is clearly an attractive option.

And what’s more, if that spare room, un-used bach or spare sleep-out is also well insulated, and has a good heat pump and ventilation system, then you can turn an occasional summer fling into a 12-month business.

Key elements to attract guests during the slower seasons include:


Fitting Enviro Blanket has the double effectiveness of keeping your guests cool in summer and warm in winter meaning that:

  • Your guests have a comfortable stay regardless of the season.
  • You don’t have to spend so much on heating and air conditioning through the different seasons meaning you’re not paying out in bills what you take in from rent and you can maximise your investment on having guest accommodation.

If you’re converting a sleep-out, garage or bach to guest accommodation, the likelihood is that it won’t already be insulated to the same standard as you would have in your own home – but raising the standard means you can advertise the accommodation as warm and dry and trust that the guest reviews match the listings.


The i-vent system is designed to circulate fresh, healthy air through the home and reduces dampness and condensation – a major factor through New Zealand especially in the colder months. A good ventilation system really benefits those looking to attract short-term holiday rentals because:

  • Visitors are likely to add high traffic to “wet” rooms such as laundries, kitchens and bathrooms putting added pressure on dry, healthy homes.
  • Being able to advertise a ventilation system is an attractive extra for someone browsing lists of hundreds and hundreds of accommodation options. You’ll stand out from the pack because what may have once been a family holiday home or sleep-out now appears as a thoughtfully designed property.
  • The guests’ stays are sure to be better for being in well-ventilated rooms or properties – and your online feedback is likely to reflect that. No-one’s going to click on a listing that has feedback that complains of cold, damp room!
  • A dry, well-ventilated building or room is also easier to heat meaning you’ll also keep your bills down and get to keep more of the guests’ rental fee.

Heat pumps

For anyone looking to rent out short-term holiday accommodation in New Zealand – especially for the whole 12 months – it’s vital to have some form of heating. Harrisons have partnered with Fujitsu and Haier because we believe their heat pumps deliver the best value, most energy-efficient heating. The key benefits are:

  • Heat Pumps work year-round to ensure guests always have a way to choose the temperature they require, whether that’s warm in winter or cooler in summer.
  • If guest accommodation is part of your own home, a heat pump gives the guest the option to have their own setting independent to the rest of the building.
  • While gas or open fires have safety issues, ceiling fans can be noisy and intrusive and central heating is expensive, heat pumps offer safe, low-energy heating that can be controlled by smart technology.
  • Again, listings advertising heat pumps are going to enjoy a premium when it comes to people browsing for somewhere to stay, how much you can charge, and the feedback they leave.

If you are looking to either upgrade your existing accommodation to cover a 12-month season or you’re looking to cash in on the trend of Kiwis offering short-term holiday rentals by converting a bach, sleep-out or part of your home, contact us on 0800 00 33 54 or via the website for a free on-site consultation at a time that suits you.

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