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How Harrisons Can Help Kiwi Households Stay Warm, Comfortable and On Budget

As the country heads into winter, one of the biggest spikes on the monthly budget is keeping your home warm and healthy. So it’s worth talking about investing in the right tools to create a comfortable and efficient home that can also help you seriously maximise the returns.

At Harrisons Energy Solutions, our driving passion for energy efficiency is borne of the understanding that even though we can’t prevent some of the basic costs of living from going up, there are other ways in which Kiwi households can take control of their outgoings.

We have developed a range of products and partnerships that allow householders to invest in a three-part system that guarantees healthier homes and lower power bills:

1.Insulation: We designed Enviro Blanket® because nearly 60% of Kiwi homes have inadequate ceiling and underfloor insulation, meaning that heating systems struggle to fill a damp and draughty space with expensive heat that quickly seeps away.

2.Ventilation: Our i-vent® Intelligent Ventilation System improves air quality to help protect your family from unhealthy bugs and allergens – and because a dry, condensation-free home is more efficient to heat, households will spend less to stay warm.

3.Heat pumps: Because the Government’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority agree that heat pumps offer more bang for your buck, we have partnered with two of the leading heat pump brands - Fujitsu and Haier. Both companies are renowned for their products’ efficiency meaning that households can trust they’re not over spending over to keep warm.

We also understand that investing in a healthy home does come at a cost and we are committed to helping all New Zealanders afford the necessary steps to a healthy home.

We have a range of payment plans that include information on regional ratepayer loans and Kiwibank’s sustainable energy loan, that both allow households to maximise their returns and take control of their spending. And just last month, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern helped announce ANZ’s interest-free advances on insulation for their home loan customers - so there are plenty of options to help New Zealanders improve their home’s bill of health.

As well as the clear immediate financial benefits of ensuring your home is energy-efficient, Harrisons Energy Solutions have also partnered with some of the world’s most innovative companies to help households take control of their power bills.

We believe that domestic solar generation will be the future of smart, energy-efficient homes and so we work with only the best solar panel technology and home energy battery storage such as the Tesla Powerwall 2.

By combining the choice of when to use your power (for example heating water during the day when you have access to renewable, free solar energy) with storage, smart devices and monitoring technology, New Zealanders will be able to look toward a long-term solution when it comes to budgeting for their power bills.

For more information on how ventilation, insulation and smart heating systems can help you control your household budget, or how solar generation and battery storage can future-proof your energy costs, contact Harrisons Energy to book a consultation with one of our experts or visit the website to find your nearest Harrisons Energy expert.

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