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How do heat pumps work?

Heat pumps have taken New Zealand by storm. Fed up with shivering in chilly houses, Kiwis have turned to technology, supplementing their ceiling and underfloor insulation with the latest heat pumps.

You can read all the heat pump reviews and even get a quote or two. But if you really want to create an energy efficient home, it helps to understand what you’re buying.

So here’s a quick guide for Kiwi consumers.

Unlike traditional heating sources, such as woodburners and panel heaters, a heat pump doesn’t generate its own heat. Instead, it works by efficiently shifting heat from one place to another.

It does this exactly like an air conditioner, but in reverse. So instead of moving heat from inside your house to the great outdoors, it pumps warmth from the environment into the house, where it can be retained and enjoyed by the inhabitants.

This works a treat in moderate climates such as New Zealand’s. Even on cold winter days, a heat pump can find scraps of warmth to capture and direct inwards. Some brands of heat pump will struggle when temperatures sink below freezing, but LG heat pumps can operate in temperatures as low as -10 degrees. Amazing to think that the technology can summon up warmth even when there’s frost outside!

To get the best use from your heat pump, it will need to be positioned in the optimum location on your wall. Harrison’s Home Energy consultants are experts in placing heat pumps so that they work effectively and don’t waste energy.

As stated earlier, heat pump technology is based on air conditioner technology (but in reverse). This means the systems and mechanisms are well understood by technicians. They’ve been proven in many different countries and climate zones, so you can be sure you’re switching to a reliable source of home heating.

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