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Heat pump or cool pump?

Did you know New Zealand is one of the few countries where heat pumps have that name? In other countries they have a different title. They’re called air conditioners.

That’s right – your heat pump is simply an air conditioner operating in reverse. Instead of gathering and circulating cool air, it gathers and circulates warm air. Given our lack of extreme heat most of the year, that’s pretty much the way we like it in New Zealand.

All the same, January and February can deliver their fair share of blazing hot days and warm, sticky nights. You can leave the windows wide open but that tends to let in the dreaded mozzies for a midnight feast. So what’s the smart way to tone down the scorching heat of midsummer?

If you’ve already checked out heat pump prices, installed a heat pump, and enjoyed the benefits of a warm home over winter, now’s the time to switch it to reverse cycle. Turn your heat pump into a cool pump and enjoy a comfortable climate inside.

Here are our tips to get the most from your heat (or cool) pump this summer:

Any heat exchange system will struggle to cool a space that’s constantly letting in warm air from the great outdoors. Help it do its job – and minimise your energy bill – by shutting doors and windows when your unit is hard at work.

Use internal doors to minimise the areas of your home that need cooling. No point trying to heat the downstairs rooms or bathrooms if you’re spending most of your time in the living room and bedrooms.

Most families will need no encouragement to wheel out the barbecue in summer. It’s a great way to enjoy the fine evenings – and cut down on heat radiated by a stove or oven.

Spring and summer is when plants run wild. If they’re growing around the vents of your heat pump, it will struggle to perform efficiently. Make its job easier by trimming any greenery that’s obstructing airflow.

  1. Shut doors and windows
  2. Isolate the parts of your home that require cooling
  3. Do your cooking outside
  4. Check the vents

According to Niwa, we’re set for a summer of normal to dry conditions (in contrast to last summer’s washout). That’s great news if you’re planning to make the most of the long summer days and warm nights. Make smart use of your heat pump, and you’ll enjoy them even more.

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