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Harrisons Ventilation: Better by Design

New Zealanders know the trouble of “weeping windows” and understand how condensation can make it hard to keep a home healthy and warm.

Many also know the answer to this problem is having a quality ventilation system to help keep rooms dry – but how many actually know what goes into creating that system?

Harrisons Energy’s i-vent system is designed so that every element, from hi-tech components to good-looking engineering, contributes to a better lifestyle for any household.

Fan: The two key components of a successful fan are efficiency and noise and the i-vent’s German-made fan performs excellently. Combined with aerodynamic cowling, the fan is ultra-quiet meaning your ventilation won’t disturb you, and its high-performance design allows it to circulate up to 900 metres of air an hour – that means you can introduce between two and four completely new house-loads of dry, healthy air into your home each hour. In some instances, the i-vent system will employ 2 fan systems to assist in air turnover in larger homes.

Ducting: The ducting employed in the Harrison I-vent system is a double layer acoustic absorbing product. Unlike many other brands being sold and installed, which are classed as “Nude” ducting with no insulation wrap at all. The extra cost of having the i-vent duct mitigates any airflow noise being transferred to rooms and in the case of heat transfer, less heat loss occurs.

Filter: The i-vent’s clever design means it filters the air before it passes through the fan to create a more energy-efficient and easily serviceable system. Even the micro filter – rated to a hospital-grade F6, to be able to filter out anything from 10 microns such as pollen or dust mites, 5 microns such as mold, spores or cement dust, down to 1 micron such as auto emissions – is cleverly pleated so that it fits 28 square metres of filtration into a simple unit.

Unobtrusive design: Because the vents are so quiet, all the major ducting and components are hidden away in a roof-space, and the control panel is both simple and discreet, you won’t have to worry about any annoying whirring from fans or ugly boxes cluttering up your home.

Intuitive operation: Having sensors in the roof and rooms means the i-vent system can adjust itself to suit typical Kiwi summer and winter weather. But the controls also allow you to see the roof space and room temperatures and adjust the settings in manual fan speed mode by plus or minus 5C if you need. If you need maximum ventilation for any reason, you can also set the i-vent controller to manual.

Designed with Kiwis in mind: The i-vent system also comes with three optional extras that are tailored to suit our specific New Zealand conditions. Because our climate lends itself to warm, muggy weather, the summer kit allows you to circulate cooler air from outside, while our love of open fires and ranges has led us to design an add-on that allows the i-vent to transfer heat from a fireplace to other rooms. And for those cold, wintry nights, we have an in-duct air warmer that gives homeowners 12 settings to take the chill of the air entering the house.

Total protection: As well as our seven-year warranty for the i-vent product and installation, we’ll also remind you to change your filter every 12 months to ensure your ventilation is running as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Although a ventilation system won’t heat your home, a well-designed system will certainly make it easier to heat – as well as ensuring the air you breathe is drier and more healthy. If you want to know whether an i-vent is right for you, or you’re keen to have one of our experts carry out afree, in-home energy audit and consultationcontact us on 0800 00 33 54 or check out your nearest Harrisons Energy franchiseevia the website and we’ll arrange to visit at a time that suits you.

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