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Get ventilation sorted before dampness returns

The sunny days of late summer may seem an odd time to be thinking about home ventilation. But there are some very good reasons to start dealing with dampness before winter returns.

Sure, your home is well ventilated right now, with windows wide open and air flowing throughout the house. The problem lies in unseen mould that may be lurking behind the wallpaper or plasterboard, ready to release its spores at the first opportunity.

If that happens, you’ll need a lot more than extractor fans to prevent a winter of coughs and allergies.

The good news is that tackling the problem now means your family can go into winter enjoying the benefits of a drier, healthier home.
Installing a modern home ventilation system in summer or autumn gives your house a chance to dry out before the onslaught of wet weather.

Get a head start on a healthy home

This is because your new ventilation system can take advantage of longer running hours during the long summer days. Winter days provide a much shorter timeframe for the fans to push dry air into your living space.

This is critical when it comes to drying out the atmosphere in your home and eliminating any hidden mould problems.
New Zealand homes often harbour mould in the timber and linings behind interior paint or wallpaper. These dark, hidden spaces provide the perfect environment for ongoing growth. Allergens are silently released throughout the year, increasing the risk of respiratory disease and other unpleasant ailments.

Mould likes it dark, damp and cold

In summer you may not be affected, as ranch sliders and windows let the tainted air disperse. Winter is a different story as people spend more time indoors and are more exposed to the spores. But the problem has been there all along.
Summer and winter in New Zealand are actually equally humid but we notice the problem of moisture much less during summer. This is because there is no visible condensation on windows and indoor surfaces. We may not see the moisture but it’s there all the same.

Ventilate your way to a healthier home

The key to getting rid of the problem? Reduce indoor humidity to a level around 45%. Mould can’t tolerate this, so you’ll be creating a better environment to live in all year round.

With a home ventilation system installed before winter, your home will have the chance to properly dry out. That’s why summer is the ideal time to make the call. You’ll beat the installation rush – and you’ll be well on your way to beating mould.

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