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Four tips to manage your heat pump bill

Heat pump technology is relatively new to this country. Unlike wood burners, open fires or electric panel heaters, most of us have only a vague understanding of the way they operate. But when it comes to creating energy efficient homes, ignorance isn’t bliss.

Here are some expert tips to make the most of your heat pump, without breaking the bank.

1. Don’t neglect the filters.

Filter maintenance has a big effect on the efficiency and life of your heat pump system. With dirty filters, airflow is reduced, which leads to compromised performance. Make sure you read the manual or any literature that comes with your heat pump, and follow all the instructions after heat pump installation

2. Look for the Energy Star logo.

When you’re shopping for a heat pump or reading heat pump reviews, don’t overlook the Energy Star rating. It’s a logo that shows which heat pumps are among the most efficient on the market in their class at that time. That means lower power bills every month. And remember – only Energy Star models qualify for a heat pump subsidy under the government’s Warm Up New Zealand scheme.

3. Don’t be afraid to keep your heat pump running.

Heat pumps are at their most efficient when they run for long periods during winter. This may seem counter-intuitive, given what we’ve been told about switching off appliances at every opportunity, but it’s the key to efficient heat pump use. Heat pumps work by introducing a large amount of gently heated air over a long period, to gradually raise the ambient temperature of your home. Let them do their job.

4. Put away your old heaters.

Old habits die hard. When that first cold snap hits, or you come home to a cold house on a freezing day, it might be tempting to plug in the old space heater or bring out the gas heater from storage. Resist the temptation – put on a cardigan for an hour or two instead. If you’re relying on energy-hungry appliances rather than letting the heat pump do its steady job, you can expect a nasty spike in your energy bill.

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