Extra help to get your home insulated

Nobody likes spending a big chunk of money. Even if it’s a smart investment – such as retrofitting modern insulation to your home – it’s still one of those costs that can hit the bank balance hard.

That’s why it makes sense to access all the pots of extra funding that may be available. There’s the government grant up to $1,300, but that’s not the only source of welcome extra cash for homeowners.

Here are some generous grants and smart finance options to keep in mind as summer fades and you notice the first chill in the autumn air. If you live in Auckland or Wellington you may be able to access cash from your local council. The insulation Auckland grant lets Auckland ratepayers with homes built before 2000 apply for up to $5,000 financial assistance through Auckland Council. In the same way, Wellingtonians can apply for up to $2,600 towards improved insulation and heating. This is paid back with interest over nine years through your rates.

Get a council grant

Of course, there are conditions to these grants, but it’s well worth finding out if you’re eligible. A reputable insulation company such as Harrisons Home Energy Solutions can help you find out if your house meets the council’s criteria.

Interest-free finance

There’s another smart way you can spread the cost of insulation – interest-free finance.

A number of finance companies offer interest-free terms for approved insulation products. In the case of Harrisons Home Energy Solutions, there are Q Card, Gem Visa and GE CreditLine options available. These are all worth considering if you want to get your insulation sorted now while you spread the cost over the coming months. Most of the major banks will agree to advance the money to install or upgrade house insulation – they see it as a very worthwhile investment. To sweeten the deal, they may waive the normal lending fees on extending your mortgage to cover insulation.

Put the bill on your mortgage

It’s one more way you can enjoy the benefits of a warmer home (and lower energy bills) right now, and avoid derailing your finances.

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