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Don’t leave it too late to insulate your home before winter

Far be it from us to raise unpleasant scenarios, but we feel it’s only fair to remind you that summer eventually comes to an end. Autumn can be misleading with its warm and golden days, but one day soon you’ll awake to a cold and rainy morning.

It’s the inevitable result of the relentlessly changing seasons. It’s called winter.

When that day arrives, you’ll want to be sure you’re enjoying the benefits of a warm and healthy home. And the single best thing you can do to ensure this happy outcome is to get your ceiling and underfloor insulation sorted now. Remember the coldest days of last winter? No matter how hard you ran the heaters, your home never quite seemed to warm up.

Avoid the misery of a home that’s hard to heat

Or perhaps you did blast your home with heat and enjoyed a snug lifestyle – only to turn pale when you saw the power bill.

If you want to avoid a repeat this winter, make sure you book in a visit by an energy consultant today. A qualified insulation advisor can assess the insulation standards in your home and come up with a recommendation to improve them. With this in your pocket, you may be able to access an insulation grant up to $1,300, courtesy of the New Zealand government.

That’s sure to bring a rosy glow to your cheeks.

Here’s why you need to act now

If you’re starting to think about insulating your house in time for winter, you can be sure thousands of other homeowners in your area are thinking the same way. Guess what? They’ll be picking up the phone to book their home insulation consultation at the same time you do.

The solution is to get in first. Contact your local insulation company, get a professional consultation and make sure your application for the government subsidy hits the relevant desk without delay.

Then you’ll be first in line to have your insulation installed – just in time for winter.

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